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For the second cycle of the Leadership for Change programme, thirteen (13) candidates from within the SADC region were selected to participate. Click here to view their bios.


About Leadership for Change

Leadership for Change is designed to enhance the capability of civil society leaders in southern Africa to engage policy makers and leaders in other sectors of society. It is designed to be an ongoing programme that provides civil society leaders in southern Africa with a platform to reflect on experiences of leadership in pro-poor policy development and implementation and to learn about effective practices of leadership of the civil society sector to achieve pro-poor development outcomes.

Given their proximity to communities, civil society groups hold a strategically important position for influencing and promoting pro-poor policy change. However, civil society leaders are very often ineffective at exerting their influence on decision making processes. Leadership for Change aims to offer a space for emerging civil society leaders to activate their capabilities to influence the vision, values, and direction of the civil society sector in southern Africa as a whole – and to develop their abilities to engage decision-makers in other sectors with ease and influence. This will be done through thematic sessions where participants will share experiences and learn from each other about building coherent, coordinated, and effective practices with others.

By providing a platform for various participants from the civil society sector to engage and share their experiences including their challenges and successes in influencing regional development, this initiative will be a catalyst for innovations in policy influencing by civil society groups. It will provide an opportunity for participants to critically analyse key aspects of regional integration and development interventions in Africa to better identify and understand strategic pro-poor policy options needed in southern Africa, in the context of regional integration. One of the challenges experienced by civic leaders is the effective mobilization of the voices of poor people. The initiative will explore cases and experiences of successful examples of mobilization of the voices of poor people. Participants will also share experiences and learn on alliance building and networking among civil society groups for policy change.

Leadership for Change is an initiative of the Southern Africa Trust.


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