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For the second cycle of the Leadership for Change programme, thirteen (13) candidates from within the SADC region were selected to participate. Click here to view their bios.

Module 2: Resources
Chagos UK Briefing Paper
Civil Society Architecture Terrain
Crosby and Brinkerhoff - Stakeholder Analysis
Final Report of High level Dialogue
Finding solutions to complex social problems in South Africa
Garilao Paper
Leadership for Change BL Competencies Framework
Leadership for Change Summary Report - Learnings
Leverage Points
Mike Edwards on African Civil Society Feb 2009
Module 2 - Programme
MODULE 2 Real-Time Consulting Exercise Day 5
My Personal Leadership Assets Inventory
Russell Ackoff on Systems Thinking
Southern Africa Trust Leadership for Change - Module 1
Stakeholder Mapping Exercise Worksheets
The Big Debate Module One Summary
Who is a Fellow?
Zondi DBSA Paper on SADC - Governance and Policy
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Module 2: Presentations
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